What new and exciting Canadian independent artists are currently on the rise?

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Independent Pride.

The independent music scene in Canada is chock-full of untapped and promising potential. From the tip of western Vancouver Island, to the very edge of eastern Nova Scotia, the musical talent and grass roots development showcases Canada as a leader in the world of folk, rock, and independent music success.

The reasoning behind this seemingly sudden rise in successful independent artists is linked directly to the unique geological and tight-nit community atmosphere within Canada. Artists and bands are able to not only tour the country with ease, but, collective artists and bands essentially 'group' themselves together, forming relationships that stretch Canadian music from one end of the country to the other. The most well known example of this rise in 'independent artists' comes from the formation of Toronto's Broken Social Scene. The band is effectively a rotating cast of musicians, combining bands such as 'By Divine Right', 'Feist', 'Apostle of Hustle', and 'K.C. Accidental'. The result is a colossal stage presence that continually keeps fans guessing as to which members will be on stage.

However, Broken Social Scene isn't the only collaborative group making noise, a group of musicians in London Ontario have quickly moved to the forefront of the independent music scene. The Open House Arts Collective, a group of seven friends who play and preform in various bands are poised to take the Canadian music scene by storm. Driven to succeed in a strongly competitive market, Open House fuels a passion for music, with a deeper understanding of the music industry. With bands such as 'Olenka and the Autumn Lovers', 'A Horse and His Boy', and 'The Whipping Wind' taking aim at new albums, the trend is continuing as larger groups pass the flame down to smaller up and coming artists.

Due to the nature of these artists playing in smaller and more intimate venues, the sense of community is altogether realized. The massive amount of open space linked by small towns forces artists to not only be aware of one another, but, rely on one another during their long and emotionally draining tours. It is not uncommon for a band to tour the entire country and stay with multiple independent artists, or bands. Collaborating on songs, or sharing ideas for upcoming side-projects, the geography of Canada in some ways forces this creative potential. This idea of community within the independent market is best described by musician Olenka Krakus, "Canada is so unique, as artists we are all aware of one another, like one giant web of musical expression".

As the web continues to grow, more bands are beginning to emerge from the depths of the Canadian provinces, giving Canadians a sense of pride in the talent and commitment of there artists. The recognition is beginning, and it won't be long before bands like 'The Whipping Wind', or 'The Raccoon Wedding' make a statement on the international music industry. Until then, Canadians have the privilege of witnessing amazing musical talent from from one coast to the other.

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