What are the best strategies for becoming a number one chart artist?

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Due to the rapidly changing structure of the music industry, talent is just one of the required elements of being a number one chart artist. Potential artists should be aware that the path to success often requires several years of hard work, and that much of that time will be characterized with struggles more often than success. For this reason, artists should make sure that they have a steady stream of income to support them while they attempt to make their mark in the music industry.

It is important for artists to be supported by a competent team that can take care of legal and administrative tasks, allowing the artist to focus on the quality of their creative output. In the beginning stages, most artists cannot afford to hire members of their team at extravagant rates, but with the possible exception of a lawyer, artists should keep in mind that in regards to booking agents and managers, a true passion for the industry can often be more beneficial than clout and traditionally acquired knowledge. Indeed, with the music industry in particular, who you know is often much more important than what you know. However, if an artist can find representatives that are truly enthusiastic about their genre, these are the types of people who can quickly build up their name in the industry and rely on mentoring advice from others who are more experienced.

Before signing a contract, artists should seek personal legal counsel. Record label executives are well versed in offering lucrative contracts to new artists who are anxious to get their career off the ground, often before they have carefully considered any legal implications. Artists who are songwriters should be particularly careful about signing any sort of agreement related to a "work for hire". In these situations, the songwriter agrees to write a song for a client, and will receive compensation for it, but no creative credit. Although these might seem tempting for a new artist, it is always to receive credit for all submitted work.

Once artists have received the financial backing from a major label, they need to remain acutely aware of the value of their fanbase. As record executives will continually remind new artists, a record is worthless if people do not buy it. Therefore, artists should constantly explore new avenues in which to advertise their work. An extensive touring schedule is one of the best ways for a beginning artist to increase their reach to new audiences in their quest to become a number one chart artist. Social networking websites make it easier than ever for an artist to make fans aware of album releases and upcoming tour dates. Artists would also be well advised to consider giving away tracks as a free download in order to make their music available to a wider audience.

Although the life of a musician can be unpredictable at times, the path to success is made significantly easier by partnering with a competent team of people who can give them the tools for a long and prosperous career.

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