How can you find the best new artists before anyone else?

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When you get in your car for a date or have friends over to your place, what are you going to put on the stereo? There is no better way to seem cool than exposing people you know to the best new artists before anyone else has heard of them.

It should come as no surprise that going to parties will help you become cooler. One way to learn about the best new artists in music right now is to go to parties where bands are playing. Sometimes those bands will be really good and you can buy their music and add them to your arsenal of new discoveries to share with people. But there are other clues for finding the best new artists when you're out at parties. Look at the t-shirts. People in bands know about cool new bands before anyone else. Google the bands on their shirts for new discoveries.

What's particularly great about parties is that you can walk right up and talk to the musicians. Tell them you like their music and ask who they listen to. Unless they're complete snobs, they'll you.

Now, how are you going to find these parties with bands at them? They are more common than you would think in most cities. A good way to start to penetrate your house party community and find the best new artists the current music landscape has to offer is to make sure you catch the opening band when you go out to small clubs. Go to their website and see if they have any upcoming gigs at parties. House parties aren't usually advertised in the newspaper, but bands do commonly list them on their Facebook pages.

Some people might argue that the best way to learn about the best new artists of the moment is to read blogs. There are definitely good discoveries to be made on music blogs, but once a band appears on Pitchfork or Brooklyn Vegan, the whole world already knows about them. You want to find the best new artists before they show up on popular websites. Plus, going to parties and meeting bands makes for cooler stories when you're introducing your findings to new friends and potential mates.

"Oh yeah, I saw these guys last year in a basement," you'll say. "I knew they were one of the best new artists around as soon as the singer hung from a water main and broke it without stopping the song. I mean, everyone was drenched, but the band didn't miss a beat! Can you imagine that? We should all go to their upcoming show at the large theater venue in town. It might potentially be nearly as cool."

But no one will seem cooler than you after that story, my friend.

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